My main passion lies in coloured pencil and airbrush, though my paintings are not limited to any one subject or medium! I can demonstrate great flexibility and technical versatility, using a variety of artistic styles in order to deliver amazing pet portraits and regular portraits which have a unique aesthetic and striking quality to them.


I am proficient in pencil drawing, coloured pencil drawing, airbrush, charcoal drawing, pastel drawing, watercolour, acrylics… whatever it takes to make a particular piece “pop” in that special way. There is no one-size-fits-all technique when it comes to art! I aim to make your portraits incredibly real and photographic looking, whilst simultaneously adding an artistic flair which a camera cannot capture.


I fill in the basic undertones using a light-coloured pencil, which then tells me where I need to apply the airbrush using watercolour-based ink. I then start building up the layers of the drawing with my coloured pencils. Pencils can be great for fine details, such as animal hair in pet portraits, and can also be used to enhance highlights too.


I will use charcoal and graphite pencil for some pictures, while in others I may use an airbrush for the undertones and then build up layers of coloured pencil. This gives a 3D effect to my coloured drawings, with the coloured pencils and other minor details adding depth and vitality to a portrait.


I may produce monochrome (black and white) (sepia) or coloured drawings, depending on the portrait and the subject at hand. Some subjects benefit greatly from a simpler monochrome pencil drawing, whereas others look best via a vibrant coloured pencil drawing, allowing their features and natural hues to “pop” on the paper.