How much does a portrait cost?


I have a prices page which is easily accessible from the menu bar at the top.

Do you work from photos?


The photo you choose needs to depict your subject well. Avoid direct, harsh sunlight this will cast shadows on the face. Overcast days are best, as clouds will diffuse the sunlight. Do not take photos indoors the picture quality will be very poor and grainy. Please do not use camera phones, I understand the convenience of using a camera phone but they just do not compare with a dedicated camera.


Even just a compact camera has a much more excellent image quality than any high end camera phone. If the photo is of poor quality or the pose is awkward I may ask you to retake the photo.


Please don't worry I will work with you on this to get the most out of your subject. I know its very difficult to get the right pose and the right lighting but it is worth it in the end. I'd like you to capture your subject as naturally as possible, if it's a chid try and capture them smiling without them knowing. If the photo is good it makes the experience of drawing your subject much more enjoyable.  





















Here is an example of a great photo to work from, the pose is natural and notice the subject isn't looking at the camera. It's ok for the subject to look straight at the camera but this photo shows that it's not always necessary.


Also notice the whole head and part of the shoulder is in shot and that there are no harsh shadows on the face. There is some shadow but its not intense in fact it adds to the shape and form of the childs face, 


I chose a baby for reference as they have a natural ability to look natural.


This kind of pose can work for adults and pets too.


Remember my drawings are only as good as the photo you provide me.

Are your portraits digital?


All my paintings are hand drawn using time honoured methods which can be seen in the videos section.

Can I see my portrait before you send it to me?


On completion of your portrait I will email you a photograph for your approval.

Do I need to pay a deposit first?


25% of the total price. This secures your commission.

Do I have to pay postage?



How do I pay?

I will discuss payment methods with you during our correspondence regarding your portrait. Most likely through PayPal, its quick and easy.

How do I send you the photo?


The image can be sent by email, if the image is too large to be sent via email you can save it on a USB stick and post it. You can also save it on a CD and post it although a USB stick would be better as CDs are going out of date.