I am an independent artist based in Nottingham, England. I have many years of experience in a vast range of art styles, including portraits, grey pencil drawings, airbrush, coloured pencil drawings, charcoal drawings, and pastel drawings, amongst others. My proficiency in different artistic disciplines has allowed me to continually propel myself and develop my artistic skills further.


Dabbling in many forms of art at an early age, I found my calling in the form of realistic and detailed drawings, such as pet portraits and human portraits! Although I used different mediums to produce my work, I most commonly produced coloured pencil drawings, regular pencil drawings, charcoal drawings, and pastel drawings.


Through my early experience, I soon developed a signature technique of using small amounts of paint for highlights. I later added an airbrush into the mix, giving my drawings a unique and eye-popping quality.


I like to put on some relaxing music before I begin drawing portraits, as I find this helps me to “get into the zone” and relax before undertaking a pastel drawing or other portrait project.